Insurance policies to fit your needs.

Personal Insurance Policies

Home Insurance
Home insurance protects you in many ways. It offers liability protection, protection for the home itself, protection for the contents of your home e.g., furniture, clothing, electronics, etc., and protection for detached structures like sheds. (Important info: Flood and Earthquake are additional policies or coverages that are not typically included in home insurance policies. (More information below)
Auto Insurance
All drivers need liability coverage to be on the road as it helps cover others in case of an accident you are liable for. Other coverages like comprehensive and collision coverage are desirable additions because they cover your vehicle, but they’re not required unless you have a loan. If you have a loan on your vehicle, your lienholder will require comprehensive and collision coverage, aka “full coverage.”
Boat Insurance
Boat insurance functions similarly to auto insurance, but it’s for boats. There are liability, comprehensive, and collision coverages. Often boat coverage relies on stated values for the boat itself, the engine, and the trailer.
Life Insurance
Having a life insurance policy can help your family through a tough time. There are a few types of life insurance, but the most common is term life insurance. For a set number of years, a term life policy will offer you coverage for anywhere from 5 to 30 years for a fixed rate.
Flood Insurance
Home flood insurance policies are subsidized by the federal government and are separate from traditional home insurance policies. If your house is in a hazardous flood zone, your mortgage company will likely require you to have a flood insurance policy. You can search your address at to see if your home is in a hazardous flood zone.
Earthquake Insurance
Earthquake insurance can be attached to some home insurance policies. The deductibles are typically higher than typical home insurance deductibles. For instance, Erie offers 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% deductibles based on the rebuild value of your house.
Umbrella Insurance
This type of policy increases the liability limits of underlying policies. For instance, a $1,000,000 Umbrella policy can cover a home, an auto, and a boat policy. Multiple policies are required to be eligible for an umbrella policy. If you have just one policy, we would increase the liability on just that policy.

Business Insurance Policies

General Liability Insurance
General liability protects you when it comes to business operations specific to your line of business. Coverages for your buildings and other business property are typically added under this policy, as well.
Commercial Auto Insurance
Commercial auto insurance is vital for many operations, as vehicles are significant liability concerns for many companies. Some types of vehicles require a commercial auto insurance policy.
Workers' Compensation
Work-related injuries happen sometimes, and workers’ compensation helps protect both the employee and the business when they do.
Business Umbrella Insurance
A business umbrella policy is a good, cost-effective way of increasing liability coverage for your other business policies, such as commercial auto and general liability, rather than increasing them individually.
Group Health Insurance
Pooling together health insurance often provides employees with better rates than they can find individually.